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L’Oro di QUERCIALUCE – Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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L’Oro di QUERCIALUCE – Extra Virgin Olive Oil


L’Oro di QUERCIALUCE is a superior virgin olive oil. We treat it without any chemicals or any other care that is not love and dedication.

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The olives are collected at our winery in Tuscany, Pisa, Italy.

O brave foodies.

We invite you to enjoy an extra virgin olive oil of the past. Olive trees, Leccino, Maurino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and rocket are located in a hilly area near the sea; resent an ideal climate for the growth of olive trees and their fruit.

The trees are grown without the use of any substance that is not love and diligence of the responsible company.

The collection is hand made and are selected only the best olives from the olive trees – is not collected olives that will not look sublime or olives harvested from the ground. The squeezing is cold and mechanical, bottling is always hand made in the company.

The oil which is obtained is full-bodied and a full flavor, moreover it is a unique product that undergoes a treatment that more traditional – there is no use of any type of substance and is not used in any machine in the process, but only the man’s passion for a product of excellence.

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L'Oro di QUERCIALUCE - Olio Extravergine di Oliva

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