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Traditional Method – Sparkling wine – Petit Fleuri


Traditional Method – Sparkling wine – Petit Fleuri


Italian traditional method or method champenoise, made from Pinot Noir grapes.

Traditional method sparkling wine of straw – pink color with a dry slightly fragrant.

With the traditional method the effervescence for more complex wines is produced by a second fermentation in the bottle.

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Petit Fleuri - traditional method. Petit Fleuri

As the name suggests, this is used for the production of Champagne and other quality sparkling wines.

The wine is biological.

All the processes respect all natural and biological principles.

The grapes.

The grapes are Pinot Noir. The grapes are immediately pressed and only the best product, so only the central part of the best grapes of the must and it will become sparkling wine.

Only the 50% of the grapes and skins, still rich, will produce the must.

The two fermentations.

A process of double fermentation makes its tiny bubbles or mousse. After the first “simple” fermentation with the selected yeasts of the winery, during which the wine remains in stainless steel tanks for three months the wine is bottled with sugar and yeast for a new fermentation, the couveé is formed in this way; riddling, done by hand, and disgorgement are part of this subsequent process.

12 months, 24 months, 36 months couveé.

The wine is then aged for at least 12 months, but others for 24 and 36 months. After this period the bottles are manually open, and the lost wine replaced. The bottles are sealed with the cork.

The 12 months wine is slightly, perfect for an aperitif in pleasing dessert.

The 24 and the 36 months wines are more dry, and good for meal with fish.

All the work is done by hand and bottle to bottle, not made as the typical containers of Charmat method.

The label.

At the end of processing each bottle is hand-numbered and comes affixed to the lot and the gradation of the bottle.

Both for its processing, performed bottle for bottle, both for the care and the personalized label of each bottle of classic method sparkling wine Petit Fleuri indicating the number of the bottle and couveé choice.

The label was conceived and created by the artist Elena Amodeo in art Amo.

The subject of the label is in gold color, the writing QUERCIALUCE , is white in relief. The writing classic method sparkling wine is white.

What gives additional value to the label , in addition to the artist, is the special black paper, velvety and very sensitive to any blows . For this reason, this card can only be used by companies like ours that working the bottles one by one by hand, numbering each bottle by hand, and treating each bottle and the traditional method contained in them with extreme care and attention.

Some references.

Paride Cocchi, Master Sommelier wine and food , AIES , writes:

It sometimes happens to be surprised, almost amazed by some wines. It is now ten years that I taste more or less professionally and explore this world , but some of the cornerstones of my training I do identify Tuscany with structured red wines for aging, so when happen to run into a classic method sparkling wine of high level like this PETIT FLEURI company QUERCIALUCE I’m a little amazed . […]

Degustazione Ais Viareggio

We are located in the province of Pisa Riparbella Sorbugnano location in an area not exactly suited to the production of bubbles. The grapes undergo a soft pressing that only 50% of the juice flows to form the base wine. A beautiful straw yellow adorned with tiny bubbles popping views. Nose of sweet sensations moved but always fresh and inviting. We note especially the presence of a beautiful ripe strawberries, sometimes with hints of caramel and a memory expressed as a pastry creme caramel. In the mouth, the bubble expands its consistency without being invasive, however, pleasantly round. Play more notes of freshness of flavor.

2012 wine Analysis.

05-12-2013 rdp 4701/1

Alcoholic strenght % v/v = 11,35
Glucose and fructose  g/l = 0,2
PH = 3,19
Free sulphur dioxide   mg/l = 5
Total sulphur dioxide  mg/l =  59

The legal total sulphur dioxide limit value for a biological and organic wine is 155 mg/l, and for EU wines is 185 mg/l.


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