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Amarcarato – Barricated Sangiovese


Amarcarato – Barricated Sangiovese


Wine made from Sangiovese grapes harvested by hand at the end of September.

The color of the wine is ruby slightly faded, lightweight and pleasing to the eye in the glass.

The aroma of the wine is of berries, mixed with vanilla and wood. The average toasting of the barrel characterizes the wine without altering the basic aromas.

The mouth is always tasty and fresh, the taste of wine is intense, the wine’s tannins are rounded. The aftertaste of AMARCARATO is decided and permanent.

The wine has a good olfactory persistence and very pleasant to the taste.

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The sangiovese grape harvest takes place at the end maturation and only the best goes into winemaking procedure.

It takes a long maceration at low temperatures, and then fermentation start with winery yeast and without adding sulfur dioxide (SO2).

After a good barrel expect wine and hosts for ten months, in order to enhance the properties of the wine and give it those essences that will color the aroma of the finished wine.

The notes of wild berries are enhanced by the essences of oak.

Organic wine.

Without added sulfites.

Aged in oak barrels for ten months.

The wine remains in the bottle for six months wisely kept in the cellar.

All labels of the reds are written by hand, one at a time. The bottles are all numbered.

Why this choice?

All the work is done by hand: cultivation in vineyard, harvest of the sangiovese grape, process of the wine in the cellar, bottling, everything is hand made, this gives a unique story to each bottle of wine.

So we decided to let our signature, our message that nobody else will haveEvery bottle of wine is unique, both in content and in the box!


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