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High quality Italian wines. Organic and made by hand. Red wines. Classic Method.

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The respect for your body and for the environment

Wines are made in a natural way. These are wines without the addition of additives as the sulphur dioxine. We don’t use chemicals during any phase of our wine production.
These organic wines have very low doses of SO2, which is naturally produced by the wine, wines have high organoleptic qualities.
Each phase of our process is designed and implemented with the aim of creating organic red wines and classic method wines that respect the human organism and the environment.

The vineyard is worked naturally for you and the environment

Our organic Italian red and classic method wines are obtained applying natural principles starting from where the grapes come from – the field.
In the vineyard large tractors or big tools for working are not employed. Suckering, pruning and harvesting are made by hand. We do not use pesticides, but we leave that task to the numerous ladybugs and other insects to defend our grapes, and so to what you will taste.
Grapes are then selected by humans both in the vineyard and later in the winery. Grapes are washed.

The work in winery is done in a natural way and manually

Another important step in getting our Italian organic wines is the winery and wine-making.

Our Italian wines are organic, without added sulphur dioxide, mannoproteins are not added, and other “industrial” and “artificial stabilizers are not used at all.

Make a wine without sulphur dioxide and therefore an organic wine, among other things, means not having headaches and other “side effects” caused by chemicals added soustances.

The bottling and labeling are made by hand.

Each label is hand-finished and is numbered every bottle of organic red wine and classic method wine.

Electricity production is higher than the electricity consumption

We produce more energy than we consume! We have a positive electricity impact.